WeatherTech Pet Partition

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Pet Partition

The WeatherTech Pet Partition provides an easy and safe way to keep both you and your dog safe while Overlanding.  When was the last time your dog decided that your lap was a better place for him then the backseat while driving? Probably often!

The seatback mesh barrier installs easily using adjustable straps and clips that anchor to the headrests of your front seats.

Made to fit virtually any vehicle on the road, the Pet Partition is an ideal dog barrier for cars, trucks and SUVs. Keep your dog safely in the back seat, so you can focus on the terrain.

Pet Partition Features:

Heavy-duty, mesh dog net installs securely to your vehicle’s headrests Keeps your furry friend safe while driving Perfect for quick trips to the vet or the store and for longer road trips Handy storage pocket for your dog’s leash, treats, toys, waste bags and more Easy-to-clean: wash with a soap solution and air dry

Universal fit makes it a perfect dog barrier for cars, trucks and SUVs

Made in the U.S.A.