Rigid Armor Rotopax Carrier Attachment Bracket

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Introducing our newest product to the Rigid Armor collection. If you already have the Rigid Armor Tire Carrier this is a must have for Drop Down Carrier. The Rotopax Carrier Attachment.

A very simple install with the proper tools, it mounts to the back of any Rigid Armor spare tire carriers.  It mounts to the back arm, and is adjustable to fit multiple size tires, and assembles into two parts.   The main mounting panel that attaches to the arm and Rotopax bracket holder, which also has multiple slide holes for additional holders like a shovel or other item you want to fast deploy.  This a great essential to have when going out on far distance trips or desolate areas,

Bracket Includes

-Main Back Mount - 1pc

-Side RotoPox holder- 1pc

3/8 - 3” bolts - 4pcs

Mount Tabs - 2pcs

1” - 3/8 bolts - 4pcs

-Holds great with a 2.5 or 3.5 Gallon, Rotopax or double stack 2 gallon

  • Max Side Plate holder max acm. weight - 100lbs

Rotopax NOT included.