RalliTEK Front Skid Plate - Outback 2000-2004 / Baja 2003-2006

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Have you ever cringed as you drove over a hazard because there was no warning or little option? Road debris can cause expensive damage to the oil pan and other engine components as these parts, made from soft sheet metal that can easily be punctured, causing oil loss and engine damage. A RalliTEK skidplate provides vehicles with an extra layer of protection, effectively shielding vulnerable engine components and oil pans from harm.

Whenever a factory plastic front plate is damaged or missing, the air is likely, not directed throughout your radiator. Fuel efficiency and mileage, unfortunately, would be compromised. A RalliTEK aluminum skidplate will significantly help to retain factory airflow characteristics maintaining mileage, engine temperature, and airflow. All RalliTEK skidplates are thoughtfully engineered and carefully battle-proven to protect your vehicles' vitals. This item offers low-cost insurance for anyone who may be concerned about the ride height or while making an unexpected detour off-road.

RalliTEK skidplates are manufactured using the finest light-weight aluminum alloys and precision laser-cut technology for a superior fit and shape. RalliTEK skid plates are designed with a careful balance of light-weight design while remaining resistant to punctures and impacts. All of our RalliTEK Skidplates employ factory existing mounting points for quick and effortless installation or removal. The installation process is carefully elaborated and requires only basic hand tools and a few minutes of your time. Some trimming may be required if running a light bar.