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Husky WeatherBeater Liners for the 2009-2012 Honda Pilot - Black

Front and second seat floor liner set for the Honda Pilot featuring Husky's WeatherBeater styling. Second seat liner is a one-piece unit.  Husky's FormFit Design forms each liner to the details contours of your Honda Pilot. How? Well the Nerds at Husky use laser and computers to precisely measure each individual curve of your Honda Pilots floorboard to make the perfect fit!

Their patented FormFit Edge is a raised ridge that runs along the door jam, protecting your ride from all messes! 

Each liner as a Stay-Put Cleats that help jeep the liner from shifting around under your feet. 

Easy to install and easy to clean.  Just remove, dump, spray and repeat. 

The Husky name is just what it is, Husky! The WeatherBeater premium liner material is sporty and rugged!  It can stand up to abuse like no other. Husky dares you to open a can of whoop-ass on these floor mats! It can take it!