Honda Pilot Monster Lug 35 Spline Drive Lug Nuts

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Are you not sure which lug nut work on your Honda Pilot?   Did you know not all years use the same ones?  Well we know which ones work! 

Monster lug brings out a nice touch to those tired and same old lug nuts from Autozone or from your tire shop.  Do your aftermarket wheels need lug nuts? Want the most lovable color of lug nuts... Black? Well these Monster Lug 35's will work on every aftermarket wheel out there! Method? Black Rhino? Fifteen52? RAYS? Whatever you have these will go great with them.  These open end lugs come with it's own "Spline Drive" key so each lug almost acts like a lock in its own way for a great theft deterrent. Monster Lug are made of Forged 50BV30 Steel and come in a Black finish.