LED Headlight Bulb - Toyota Tacoma

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One of the best LED headlight bulb replacements out there for the Toyota Tacoma!

As tested and proven on the Super Street Taco Build

Technology has changed dramatically the last few years and LEDs now can admit much more light distribution then HIDs even in a projector beam!  

These LED conversion kits won't require you to cut up your headlight caps to fit (where applicable)  These kits have a weave cloth heat-sink design, which allows easier installation in smaller tight spaces and eliminating Fans that are Prone to Failing!

These are the best tested and suited LED headlights conversion kits for your Tacoma!  These have also been tested on Start/Stop Vehicles these are prefect for the OEM projector housings.  The "cutoff" line is straight in the OEM housing and will not scatter light everywhere. 

These high output CREE LEDs are 3500 lumen (each) and will light up the night like day!  Each LED Bulb is projector ready which has an adjustable head to help distribute light and delivering a 360 degree light output with a 6000K color temperature.