Hella 500 LED Driving Light Kit

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For years Hella has brought you quality affordable lighting. They have taken their popular seven inch 500 series driving light and now made it LED! The 500 LED Driving Light gives you a powerful high performance LED for your Overlander to light up the night skies while taking on the trails or where ever your Overlander takes you.

Design: This 7" LED has a full surface reflector & the Hella Logo on it to show what is lighting the darkness on your Jeep. The high performance LEDs cast a precisely calculated reflector to create a homogeneous beam pattern while the ribs on the back act as a cooling element dissipating heat.

Mounting Brackets: This LED light come with a pedestal mount that allow you to mount it in various positions rotating it through 180° making it possible to place the light further forward.


  • Operating Voltage - Multivolt 10 – 30 VCD
  • Power Consumption - 22.5w
  • Light Output - 2100 Lumens
  • Color Temperature - 6000K / 2560K with Optional Amber Cover
  • Housing - Aluminum Die Cast
  • Light Distribution - Driving Light
  • Mounting - Upright
  • Tightness Capability - IP67
  • Connection - Cable 800mm (single). DT Connector