EBC Greenstuff Brake Pads for the Honda CR-V

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When getting off the road we all know a larger tire is one of the first upgrades for our vehicle.  A larger heavier tire causes a larger rolling mass , not to mention all the gear on your vehicle and makes your vehicle harder to stop.  Given we don't always travel that fast on the trail but we do need to take it on the highway to get to the trail. Stoping on a dime to avoid danger is always a plus.    One of the easiest upgrades within ones budget is a pad upgrade! 

The EBC Greenstuff is and ideal brake upgrade specifically for your Honda CR-V.

The Greenstuff 6000 Series is what Offbeat Overland runs on their own vehicles and we love them!  These are regarded as a first level brake improvement over stock and can deliver up to 15% improvement in stopping power.  However Greenstuff 6000 is not a hard and long lasting pad and drivers may find Greenstuff last less miles on light Trucks and SUV than stock units which in our opinion are designed primarily to pass the warranty period but 6000 are a good quality pad replacement with medium dusting and good brake effect.

Again a great pad and a quality pad replacement for the Honda CR-V!