Derale 9000 Series Plate & Fin Transmission Cooler Kits

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Are you pushing your Overlander to the limit on the trails?  If so your automatic transmission is taking a beating while going up hills, climbing over rocks and don't forget about the heat!  Heat is the number one killer of transmissions!  The key to keeping the life of your transmission is to keep it cool!     

Have you ever priced out a transmission and labor?  Save yourself the time and money by installing on of these Heavy Duty Derale 9000 Series Plate & Fin Transmission Cooler Kits.  THIS IS A MUST to keep your automatic transmissions at an optimal temperature by keeping it cool therefore prolonging the life of your transmission! 

The Derale 9000 Series Plate & Fin Transmission Cooler features a strong furnace-brazed construction, 1 1/4" wide plates and embossed turbulators which maximize heat transfer while also minimizing pressure drop. It greatly extends transmission life by preventing those heat-related transmission failures, and improve shifting performance.

The Derale 9000 Series Plate & Fin Transmission Cooler also uses 1/2" NPT fittings instead of hose clamps on other units making it more reliable from cuts and loose clamps. 


* Prevents heat related transmission failures
* Extends life of transmission
* Improves transmission performance
* Sturdy furnace-brazed aluminum construction
* 1-1/4" turbulators maximize cooling & minimize pressure drop
* 1/2" NPT female cooler fittings
* 1/2" NPT x 3/8" hose barb adapters included

Please check for your clearance to make sure these fit your application since these are a universal unit. Measurements are as follows:

5 Row - 18.63 x 8 x 2.13

9 Row - 18.63 x 8 x 2.13

13 Row - 18.63 x 13 x 2.13 

17 Row - 18.63 x 13 x 2.13