Neoprene Coilover Covers

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Covers for your Coilover are an added layer of protection against harsh roads, weather conditions and over all grueling Overlanding though mud and dirt.  These are the perfect add on for those of you running coil-overs on your Overlander. Made by Revel out of Neoprene material, the coilover covers protect the springs, shock shaft, and seals, from dirt and other debris. It also makes it easy to adjust with your spanner wrench by keeping the dirt away from the threads! If you ever had to do that before, you know how impossible it can be if they have dirt within those threads! The zipper allows the cover to be installed securely and without the need to remove the coilover assembly. 

This is one of the best investments for your coilovers.

Available in two lengths:

325mm (12.795 inches)

395mm (15.551 inches)

Will ONLY WORK ON Coilover Springs under 108mm (4.25 inches) in diameter.  It will NOT WORK ON OEM STYLE SPRINGS.

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