Rock Slide Engineering Tailgate Table

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 Though the Rock Slide Engineering Tailgate Table is designed for the Jeep Wrangler JK and JL, this table can also mount to most tire carriers that offer a table mounting option*.

Rock Slide Engineering "Tailgate" Table has two large levels providing plenty of workspace to prepare your meal or other needs.

The Rock Slide Engineering Table provides enough room to even hold smaller grills for the Overland adventure or tailgate party at your favorite team sport.

The Trail Tailgate Table is made of Aluminum and powder coated textured black. When it is time to pack up and head down the trail, the Trail Tailgate Table easily and quickly folds flat against the surface it is mounted to and is held shut by heavy duty magnets. The table even has a built in hook to hang your garbage bag off the side to leave nothing behind.

Made in the USA

*if mounting to something other then a JK or JL Jeep, take in to consideration you will need to make your own bracket to accommodate this table. Questions? be an Overlander, figure it out and you'll make it work! ;)