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The ROAM Rugged Case is the ideal heavy-duty storage case for camping gear and tools. This premium case features a durable LDPE shell, rope handles, steel lockable latches, pre-installed gas struts, and a dust/waterproof gasket seal. This super tough ROAM Rugged Case stacks easily with an interlocking design, making this the perfect choice for storing your gear.

The ROAM Difference - FEATURES:

  • Tough, rugged, and durable LDPE shell, built for any adventure!
  • Preinstalled with gas struts to keep your lid open! (Except 52L)
  • Preinstalled rivnuts on inside lids for ROAM Molle Panel Accessories!
  • Steel Lockable Latches!
  • Dust/Waterproof Gasket Seal!
  • Stackable with like-sized ROAM cases!
  • Rope Handles with comfortable rubber grips to easily transport!
  • Channels for use with ratchet straps to easy secure on your rig!
  • Built in Drain plug for easy decompression or draining!
  • Built in Bottle Opener so you are never thirsty!



52L -  Exterior Dimensions :  26.77" W x 14.37" L x 14.76" H 

          Interior Dimensions:  22.83" W x 10.00" L x 12.44" H


82L - Exterior Dimensions : 29.53" W x 17.13" L x 16.14" H 

          Interior Dimensions:  25.65" W x 12.76" L x 13.82" H 


95L - Exterior Dimensions :  47.24" W x 18.90" L x 11.42" H

          Interior Dimensions:  46.65" W x 14.41" L x 9.09" H


105LExterior Dimensions:  33.07" W x 19.29" L x 15.87" H 

            Interior Dimensions: 28.74" W x 14.96" L x 13.54" H



160L -  Exterior Dimensions:  35.83" W x 22.44" L x 18.11" H 

             Interior Dimensions:  31.89" W x 18.11" L x 15.79" H