Lexus GX460 Offbeat Overland Carbon Fiber Hood

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The first aftermarket hood for the Lexus GX 460 (2010-2023)! 

With inspired OEM Toyota styling influence integrated into this hood, but keeping a flowing design with lines that match the factory lines of the GX460.

This hood will come with an open functional vent and a  OEM style version too.  Weighing in at 21 lbs Helping your GX cool (vented version) and get shed some pounds off your Overlander, because we all know how fat your rig can become with all that gear and any weight shed will help!  

This hood will NOT what people like to call a skinned carbon fiber hood.  Laying carbon fiber over fiberglass would only have a separation issue over time.  Do not confuse this with a "layover" of carbon over fiberglass. This is a TWO piece hood with a full 100% carbon fiber top and a fiberglass frame. 

Hoods are now in production and available on a first come first serve basis only.  If you can purchase the hood it is in stock.  

The Hood must be shipped by truck line.  Shipping can start at the high $200 to mid $300s depending where you are in the US. 

After your purchase we will send you a Terms and Conditions email in regards to your order and you must reply that you read those terms. Without a reply we will not ship your hood until that reply is received.